Our Story

Playground Princess commenced operations in early 2012 by a mum with a little girl. We are a retail supply store for girls outdoor accessories – everything girls can use, wear and play with while outdoors and traveling.

Playground Princess aims to:

  • give parents and caregivers ideas / inspiration on products and activities for kids that are ‘always bored’
  • give ideas and reasons to encourage kids to get outside and have fun
  • help parents and caregivers who are concerned about kids spending too much time on electronic equipment alternatives to having fun
  • help parents who might be clueless about gardening but who think it would be a super fun thing to do with their little one

This mum believes outdoor play experiences can be as effective as indoor play in stimulating young children’s development. It is known girls can be more assertive in their action-oriented play outdoors than they are in their dramatic play indoors. Little princesses can be very active and can keep up with the boys quite easily. Thus, noticing a niche in the market, this quick-thinking mum skipped and hopped into action!

Hop, skip and stop over at our shop to find a huge range of products that will keep your little girl entertained and busy in the:

  • backyard
  • outdoors
  • at the beach
  • whilst swimming
  • throughout kindy and school
  • while exploring a garden
  • during local and international travels

Playground Princess is all about making girls feel good about being outdoor girls, living in the sunshine, and mucking in some mud.

Hoping you have fun soon in the great outdoors!

Playground Princess Owner / Director

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We stock an extensive range of games, toys, accessories and equipment for every little girl; everything from camping / outdoor, beachwear, gardening, headwear, sun safety, back to school and toy / play equipment for backyard play-time!