Advertising Policy

Playground Princess believes advertising is an essential marketing strategy and part of our plan to gain and maintain presence within the marketplace. We choose to advertise in various formats to gain exposure and interest from various groups that connect with and relate to our business philosophy and structure.

To date, we have advertised in the following methods:

• Word of Mouth
• Flyer and Business Card Distribution / Display
• Market and Exhibition Stalls
• Car Signage
• Webpage –
• Social Media
• Selected Babies / Children’s / Community websites

Any advertising which we engage in will be designed to help convey our image as a niche business specialising in and focusing on getting children, in particular, girls outdoors for play and recreation. In all our advertisements we aim to fully and accurately describe our products, services and points of contact / information. All advertising and promotional materials are organised and listed and approved by the Owner / Operator of Playground Princess prior to production and release. We will ask for prior written permission from any person or organisation who wishes to use our marketing or advertising material, and likewise we will abide by any conditions imposed on us in regards to advertising at an event or within another organisations promotional material.


Statement of Responsibility

  • We promise our ads do not contain false, misleading, fraudulent, or deceptive claims or content.
  • We aim to ensure our ads comply with all applicable laws, statutes, and regulations.
  • All components of our ads are relevant and appropriate to the products being offered and the audiences viewing our ads.
  • Our ads clearly represent the company and products that is being advertised


What our Ads MAY Contain

  •  Our logo, branding and motto
  • Our contact information, including but not limited to our website, email, phone number
  • Social media icons to inform customers of our social media presence
  • Information about our company and what we supply

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