20 Creative Weekend Family Projects

Spending time outdoors as a family is always fun, so here we have compiled 20 Creative Weekend Family Projects, so you can spend time with your loved ones and create memorable projects.

  1. Build an outdoor cubby / fort
  1. Build a bee hotel
  1. Make a kite
  1. Make a bow an arrow
  1. Build a bird feeder
  1. Learn to forage
  1. Build a worm or ant farm
  1. Make a campfire
  1. Sow some seeds in egg cartons
  1. Build a vegetable garden
  1. Build a bird bath
  1. Create a sensory / music wall
  1. Make wind chimes or sun catchers
  1. Create a fairy garden
  1. Build an outdoor kitchen using old pallets
  1. Create an outdoor blackboard
  1. Build your own tree swing
  1. Build an outdoor play area – paver hopscotch / rock climbing wall
  1. Build and hang your own hammock
  1. Create a totem pole or other garden ornament / statue (like a scarecrow)