Fun at the Beach

Spending time at the beach is a great way to enjoy time with your kids — and keep away the boredom bug. Fun is for everyone no matter how old or young you are, and a day at the beach sure brings out the kid in all of us! Spending the day at the beach is an outing that many families love to do, not just in summer, but all year round. Whether it is relaxing in the shade, swimming, playing in the sand or having a barbeque, it can be a fun and relaxing day out. Playground Princess have a great range of products and tips that can help to make a day at the beach more enjoyable for the whole family.

Be Sun Smart
Skin cancer is never going to be a hot look, so please cover up. Skin cancer is largely preventable. Be SunSmart by remembering to protect yourself against sun damage and skin cancer by using a combination of these five steps:

1.    Slip on sun protective clothing – clothing that covers as much skin as possible, is made from close weave materials such as cotton, polyester/cotton and linen or if swimming, is made from materials such as lycra, which stays sun protective when wet

Products at Playground Princess that meet these requirements –
•    Sun Jacket
•    Long Sleeve Sun Shirt
•    Short Sleeve Sun Shirt
•    Youth Bicycle Short

2.    Slop on SPF 30+ sunscreen – make sure your sunscreen is broad spectrum and water-resistant and be sure to apply sunscreen liberally to clean, dry skin at least 20 minutes before you go outside and reapply every two hours. This is probably the most important item in your beach bag. Make sure you have sufficient sunscreen protection for yourself and your children.

Products at Playground Princess that meet these requirements –
•    Children’s Sunscreen
•    Baby Roll On Sunscreen
•    Kids Roll On Sunscreen

3.    Slap on a hat – a broad-brimmed, legionnaire or bucket style hat provides good protection for the face, nose, neck and ears.

Products at Playground Princess that meet these requirements –
•    Lightweight Hat
•    Infants Reversible Hat

4.    Seek shade – staying in the shade is an effective way to reduce sun exposure. Use trees or built shade structures, or bring your own!

Products at Playground Princess that meet these requirements –
•    Beach Shade
•    Mocka Beach Shade

5.    Slide on some sunglasses – sunglasses can reduce UV radiation exposure to the eyes by up to 98 per cent.

Products at Playground Princess that meet these requirements –
•    Baby Sunglasses
•    Children’s Sunglasses
•    Youth Sunglasses

Get comfortable
It’s important to stay out of the sun as much as you can while you’re at the beach. Beach Shades and / or Teepees make a day at the beach safe and relaxing. Don’t squish up under a tiny beach umbrella, the wide design of our beach shades gives your family a larger shaded area for everyone to enjoy. This also allows your kids to play in the sand while staying shaded. Picnic rugs / blankets and beach chairs are great to use under a beach shade / tepee for ultimate comfortable and relaxation. Our chairs made specifically for the beach, they sit low to the ground and fold up neatly. Don’t count on the beach having chairs for its guests! Our picnic blankets and rugs are another nice thing to bring along. Not only is it comfortable to sit on, but it’s a welcome comfort from the hot sand on bare feet.

Stay hydrated
Being in the sun can quickly dehydrate you. Bring along bottled water, enough for everyone in your family. We have a great range of drink bottles to keep you and your family hydrated. Also, instead of buying food, pack some snacks of your own – Pack‘ems and Squeez‘ems are great to store small items like yoghurt, grapes, pretzels, chips and treats.

Bring entertainment
Kids love digging and building in the sand, it’s a must for a beach visit. There is a huge variety of toys on the market made specifically for water play. We stock a great range of items to keep your little one entertained for hours. If your kid’s love building big sandcastles then they might want to use the Kids Steel Wheelbarrow and Wagon to help make them even bigger. They make moving sand around at the beach fun and easy for kids. They will love loading up their wheelbarrow and wagon with sand or water and then dumping it to build big sandcastles and sculptures. If you want to take a few activities to enjoy at the beach then pack in some Bright Balls. These high bounce balls make a fun and safe game whether kicking them to each other on the sand or throwing them in the water. Their soft fabric exterior makes them safe for small kids to kick and throw. Other options include Frisbees and beach cricket sets for sand play with friends and siblings and Surf Mats when it’s time to hit the water! If you’re going for a walk along the beach, your kids might enjoy riding their Balance Bike beside you on the wet sand. It’s great for kids to get out and about and experience riding their bike on a different surface. The light weight design also makes it easy to carry over the soft sand and transport to and from the beach. With 9 styles to choose from, your little one won’t want to leave!

Stay safe
Safety is paramount when visiting a beach. Any beach can be dangerous. Beach-goers should be careful and always swim between the red and yellow flags, which indicate that the beach is patrolled. Listen to and adhere to safety instructions and signage and always know where your loved ones are at all times. Be prepared for minor accidents and carry some first aid plasters and ice packs with you for any small abrasions your little one might have. You can never be too prepared! If your little one loves to explore whilst on the beach then swim shoes are a must have, they provide kids with outstanding protection against pebbly beaches, hot sand, and slick pool areas. Ultimately, the beach is about fun and relaxation, but if you ever need help, speak with a Life Guard or call 000. Most importantly, be sure to discuss water safety with your kids before going, and enjoy your trip to the beach!

Preserving nature
A special note: remember, if you find live snails, crabs, fish, starfish or other underwater lifeforms, observe them, then put them back. Only take home empty shells, fossilized starfish and rocks. Please also ensure to take all rubbish with you and dispose of it correctly, do not litter our beautiful beaches.

How do I carry it all?
Bags, bags and more bags! Bring items along that have their own carry bags or fold and assemble easily – nothing worse than trying to chase after 2 kids and have belongings blowing in different directions or items that require 2 people to assemble for 1 hour! Have a designated bag for each person which is clearly labelled and which will hold their personal belongings – swimmers, towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat. A ‘smelly bag’ is a must have beach accessory. Smelly Bag is a waterproof wet bag for keeping all your smelly and wet clothes in – a great plastic bag alternative! Alternatively, larger swim bag backpacks are great for the beach as they have functional shoulder straps which enable your child to carry all their gear with ease. If you have a little one in nappies then a Waterproof Nappy Bag is perfect to store all your used disposable and re-usable nappies in until you reach a bin or get back home to wash them out!

Preserving memories
Don’t forget your camera! You can purchase waterproof disposable cameras to capture all of those sunny moments. Inexpensive one-time-use cameras are also available for underwater use!

Your beach survival kit
Now that you are ready to head off to the beach, here’s a summation of everything we have suggested. Check each item off to see if you are ready to roll and have fun at the beach.
___ Sunscreen
___ First aid kit / band aids
___ Hat
___ Sunglasses
___ Beach shade
___ Chairs
___ Blanket / rugs
___ Bucket & shovel
___ Toys / entertainment
___ Goggles or masks
___ Plastic jar for collecting shells
___ Life jackets
___ Towels
___ Bottled water
___ Snacks
___ Extra clothing and footwear
___ Swim shoes
___ Camera
___ Carry bags / backpacks

Regardless of the day that you have planned at the beach, there is something to make everyone’s day more enjoyable for your Playground Princess.