Fun Things To Do With Your Daughter

You can’t always spend enough time with your daughter, but you can control the quality of the time you do have together. Depending on her personality and age, she may not fall in love with all the activities we recommend, but making the effort is the important part. She’ll appreciate the attention and it’ll go a long way in strengthening her self-esteem. Both mums and dads will enjoy these activities with their girl and cherish the time making memories.

  1. Outdoor tea party
  1. Blow bubbles
  1. Outdoor picnic
  1. Watch the clouds
  1. Dance in the rain
  1. Go for a hike or bushwalk
  1. Go for a bike ride
  1. Make a mud kitchen
  1. Play dress ups outdoors
  1. Do outdoor craft – painting or making a kite to fly
  1. Eat ice cream outdoors
  1. Read books together under a shady tree
  1. Make lemonade and then set up a lemonade stall
  1. Do a play / show / recital in the backyard
  1. Set up a outdoor home spa station – lots of products and pampering

16. Go Whale Watching

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You can make the most of your limited hours together with activities that are not only fun for you; she’ll have fun and take the learned lessons with her when she’s on her own. So, head on outdoors and check off all these fun things to do with your daughter.


“When you look at your life, the greatest happiness’s are family happiness.”

~Joyce Brothers~