So, what’s the point?

Watching my daughter play with her toys brings back memories of my childhood and can make me nostalgic for a simpler time. As she pushes or pedals her toys around the yard, she doesn’t realise that she is learning important life skills. All she will remember when she looks back on those times through photos is how much fun she had. I, on the other hand, know that these very toys provide many benefits for her, starting at a young age and continuing on into her teens and even into adulthood. Various toys and activities have different benefits, uses and ways to enhance the users existing skills and abilities.

Ride-On items help to build a multitude of skills that kids draw on throughout life. That’s why at Playground Princess we have a range of these items because we know that they will improve your child’s mobility, encourage exercise, inspire independent play, build confidence, spark creativity, teach co-operation, but most importantly get your little one outdoors.

Each type of toy offers different benefits for children, this table shows our products and what skills will benefit your little princess:

Type of Toy Our Products Learned Skills
Pull toys Wagon Group play, taking turns, sharing
Rocking toys Rocking Horse Balance, creativity, pretend play
Push toys Moova, Wheelbarrow Muscle strength, coordination, balance
Pedal toys Ride On Truck, Ride on Beetle Hand-eye coordination, hand-foot coordination, strength
Wheeled toys Scooter, Balance Bikes Balance, coordination, exercise, safety

Various other items in our great range of outdoor toys also have a multitude of benefits, one of these are balls! When there’s a ball around to play with, there’s fun to be had. Balls seem to be like a magnet to most children – mostly for the pure and simple fun and action they provide. Not only does ball play teach your child many important skills that will help her both on and off the sports field, early ball handling experiences can develop skills that are necessary for survival in life. These skills include anticipation and participation, timing and force.

Another concept of play which children love and forms a part of their early development is dramatic / pretend / imaginative play. This play offers relief from emotional tension, helps children feel powerful, enhances social interaction skills and language development and allows the child to sort our fantasy from reality. Dramatic / pretend / imaginative play is just one way that your daughter can positively enhance her learning experiences, especially her self-esteem.

Our Products Learned Skills
Teepee Group play, language development
2 in 1 Child Shop & Theatre Real life
Super Hero Cape Fantasy

So, in a busy world with what seems to be filled with an endless amount of chores, it is easy to fall into a cycle of giving your child the same toys to play with each day, using the TV as a baby sitter or saying “maybe next time”, “hold on, I just need to finish this first” each time your child comes running to you with underwear on the outside of her clothes exclaiming that she is Captain Underpants requesting that you come play superheroes with her.  As parents it is important for us to acknowledge that for a child “play” is not just leisure but is how they learn.