Time Outdoors is Egg-cellent this Easter

It’s always wonderful to spend time with your family at Easter and why not take the focus off the chocolate eating and get the relatives outdoors for some egg-cellent fun. Here are some outside games and activities that will leave everyone hopping mad to join in!

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1.    Easter Egg Bocce

You will need 1 hard boiled egg (uncoloured) and 2 dyed hard boiled eggs of the same colour per child (2 pink, 2 blue, 2 green, 2 yellow). Gather your coloured eggs and have player one throw the plain egg out in the field. Each player rolls or tosses their first coloured egg to try to get as close to the plain egg as possible. Each player will have a second turn using their second coloured egg, trying to knock the other kids’ eggs further from the plain egg – or get theirs closer. Measure the distance of the eggs from the plain egg. The closest to the plain egg is the winner

2.   Easter Bunny Hopping Races

Create a starting line and finish line with chalk or a rope in the grass. Taking turns each player must cover a certain distance jumping with a plastic, stuffed or styrofoam egg between his or her knees.

3.   Swinging Egg Toss

Hang an Easter basket from a tree branch so that it’s about 1 metre above the ground. Fill plastic Easter eggs with lollies, sand, rice or birdseed and tape the eggs together so the contents don’t escape. Get participants to make a line near the basket and get them to throw the plastic filled eggs into the swinging basket.

4. Walk the Egg

For this game you will need two hard boiled eggs and one spoon for each player. Divide the players into two teams and have them form a line so that each player on one team is standing side by side. The first child in line puts an egg on their spoon and passes it to the next person in line. The egg can only be passed from spoon to spoon. No one can touch it with their hands. The egg must go all the way to the end of the line and then back to the person at the front of the line. The team to get their egg at the front of the line wins.

5. Straw and Easter Cup Relay

Each child needs one bendable straw and each team will need one plastic cup. The cup & straw should be Easter themed. Each child will hold the straw in their mouth on the end that you would drink from. Line the teams up and give the first person in line a cup. Place it on the end of their straw. They must pass the cup to the next person in line and they cannot touch the cup with anything other than the straw. The first team who gets their cup to the end of the line wins.

6. Duck Walk Race

You will need to create a starting line and a finish line for this game. Each player will stand at the starting line, squat down, and grab their ankles with each hand from behind. When everyone is ready say ‘go’ and the players must waddle like a duck to the finish line. The first person who crosses the line wins the game.

7. Pin the Tail on the Easter Bunny

This game is just like Pin the Tail on the Donkey. You will need to create a large picture of a bunny and several paper bunny tails. Hang the picture of the bunny on and outside wall and place a piece of tape on each bunny tails. One at a time you will blindfold the players, spin them around a couple of times, and then have them attempt to get their tail onto the picture of the bunny. You can also mix this up. Instead, create a paper Easter basket and several paper Easter eggs to create ‘Pin the Egg on the Basket’.

8. Easter Bunny Tag

This is just a game of tag where players must hop instead of run. This game is really good for younger children with a lot of energy!

9. Easter egg hunt (with a difference)

Instead of hiding chocolate eggs around the garden why not try fillable, plastic eggs and fill them with small treasures, like key rings, rings, small figurines, love notes, bouncy balls, small bottles of bubbles, balloons, novelty erasers, stickers, dice, hair clips, Lego minifigures and coins. Hide the filled eggs around the garden and send the children off on the hunt for hidden treasure. Use our ballet tutu range of handbags and tote bags to collect all your goodies (image source: Giggle Me Pink).

10. Egg & Spoon Race

Grab some fresh eggs and soup spoons for a traditional egg and spoon dash across the yard. Try forming relay teams to get the family really working together.

11. Easter Obstacle Course

Add an extra element of challenge to your egg and spoon race with an obstacle course! Team members need to weave around the pot plants, step over the broom, crawl under the chair and balance along the hose, all the while keeping their egg carefully balanced on the spoon.

12. Egg Roll

Set a marker in the middle of the lawn and have each family member stand one to two metres away from it. Take it in turns to each roll an egg toward the marker with the aim of being the one to roll it closest.

13. Egg Catch

This one is guaranteed to get everyone laughing and could get just a little messy! Divide the family into pairs and line up with team members facing each other, approximately 1 metre apart. Provide each team with a fresh egg. Team members throw their egg back and forth to each other, trying not to drop or smash it. For each successful catch, the team member takes a step backwards. The team whose egg lasts the longest is the winner.

14. Pass the Egg

Try this Easter take on “pass the orange”: In a circle, kids pass a hard-boiled egg with their chins. If it drops, both players passing it are out. The last one standing wins.

So, whether you are having a small family celebration in the backyard or are throwing a bigger bash at a park or other green space, you can add excitement to the day with these fun games.