Business Profile

Business Profile



A hop…a skip…and a shop


1. To become a well-known community business
2. To grow and maintain sales at a steady pace
3. Outshine competitors
4. To provide goods that are affordable to consumers


To continually source the marketplace for excellent quality and educational outdoor play and clothing products for children.


We respect the decisions of our clients and customers and treat them as unique individuals.

We will not waiver in our commitment to provide a variety of children’s outdoor play products at competitive prices.


To stock and sell fun, educational, easy-to-use and safe products that will benefit children while playing outdoors.

Superior Customer Service
Playground Princess sees their existing and future clientele as their focal point. Everything we do, we do to help our customer. Convenience and expertise is the key to delivering on this goal. We will continually aim that all our processes lead to the highest quality customer experience.

Business Relationships
• conduct business through the use of modern technology
• following up with our customers after sales
• be open and accepting to comments, criticism and feedback
• build credibility and loyalty through ensuring quick service and action to all enquiries
• provide great customer service to the people we do business with, with an aim this will get customers coming back to us

To build an online community, Playground Princess will aim to nurture social media sites with regular posts through Facebook and Twitter. We will also issue a quarterly newsletter (Playground Gossip) offering information on our current products, specials, customer feedback, community announcements, discounts and new / coming soon products. An opportunity for members to contribute is available.

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