We understand that sometimes making ends meet can be hard in today’s economic climate thus Playground Princess offers a Lay-By payment option.

Please note we have set this system up as we understand that it is difficult to afford quality items that will benefit a child’s social and developmental skills and enhance their imagination whilst also trying to make ends meet at home. This Lay-By system has been designed to assist you in purchasing your desired items.

We ask our customers to please keep in mind that we are a small business and that we have set these terms and conditions to meet your requirements but what also will be beneficial to our business structure.


  1. Email us – [email protected] with your personal details (name, address, contact phone number) and item/s you wish to order – a minimum order of $150 (excluding Postage and Handling) is required.
  2. A ‘Lay-By’ form will be emailed to you, which we require you to check to ensure there are no errors and to then sign off on the listed terms and conditions
  3. The signed ‘Lay-By’ form must be returned to us via return email within 48 hours to validate your Lay-By with Playground Princess. Signed forms not returned within this timeframe will result in cancellation of your Lay-By.


  • Lay-By is only accepted for orders over the value of $150 (excluding Postage and Handling)
  • Lay-By deposit and payments are payable by Bank Deposit or PayPal ONLY
  • Lay-Bys are only available for a 90 day period
  • Refunds are available within the 90 day period, however, 20% of the total order price will be held as a cancellation fee and the remaining balance will be refunded according to how you paid (i.e.: Bank Deposit)
  • Playground Princess has the right to change these terms and conditions at any time and to refuse a Lay-By option to customers we feel are not honouring the agreements.


  • An upfront payment of 20% of the total order price (excluding Postage & Handling) is required.
  • Payment instalments are required at least fortnightly and final payment received within 90 days. If there is failure to pay instalments fortnightly and no contact has been made, Playground Princess has the right to cancel your Lay-By and cancellation fees will apply (20% off total order price). Should a cancellation of your Lay-By be made, we will contact you to advise we have cancelled your order and refund remaining credit (if applicable).
  • Gift vouchers, promotional discounts and free shipping does not apply to orders placed on lay-by
  • You must pay off the order in full within 90 days.


• Your order will only be shipped once it has been paid in full.
• Playground Princess does NOT take responsibility for delivery times, however, will do our best to accommodate and special requests.

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