Safety While Playing

Safety While Playing


Playground Princess takes the safety your princess very seriously, and would like to remind everyone on the importance of personal safety, sun safety and first aid.



Whenever playing outside please make sure your Playground Princess is well protected from the harsh UV rays. Keep in mind the following –

  1. Slip on a T-Shirt
  2. Slop on some sun cream
  3. Slap on a hat
  4. Seek some shade
  5. Slide on wrap around sunglasses to prevent sun damage to eyes



Little princesses can be very active when playing outdoors and with this comes little bumps and knocks from falling over or bumping into things. The most common injury to a child is a graze or bruise. Playground Princess strongly recommends every home and outdoor outing should have a complete first aid kit on hand and for a parent / caregiver supervising to be familiar with basic first aid procedures to make sure your children (or those of which you are supervising) are always in the safest possible hands.

To make sure your princess is cared for if any mishaps occur when playing outdoors we’d like to share with you several first aid tips:

For treatment of cuts and bruises

Cuts and Grazes:

  • These should be treated properly to ensure there is no infection. Make sure the wound is cleaned properly and apply an antiseptic to the wound to make sure there is no infection. Firmly, but not too tightly apply a band-aid or gauze over the wound to keep it clean.


  • Rest the injured muscle
  • Ice on the bruise every 20 minutes reduces the bleeding
  • Compression on the bruise site can also reduce blood flow and bleeding in the area
  • Elevation of the bruise is also good to reduce the bleeding in the area



Available for purchase on our website are small first aid products suitable for young children, these include a ‘Medibuddy’ – a 50pce kit of essential first aid items as well as ‘Boo Boo Buddys’ – ice packs available in 3 cute designs for whenever there is a playground or outdoor mishap. We also stock a great range of hats, t-shirts and wrap-around sunglasses.



To obtain more thorough and in depth first aid information for your princess, please visit the St John Ambulance website at There you will be able to source the latest first aid information and fact sheets; you will also be able to purchase first aid kits, books and enroll in a first aid course.

In this day and age of technology, many Apps exist that give you all the information needed to take care of yourself and others when and if the need arises at only a tap of your mobile or tablet screen.

The android market Apps we recommend are:

  • St John Ambulance – $4.49: packed with some of the most common and critical conditions that require immediate life saving First Aid.
  • SunSmart – FREE: lets you know when you do and don’t need sun protection, making it easier than ever to be smart about your sun exposure all year.
  • PoliceLink – FREE: allows people to report non-urgent incidents such as lost property, wilful damage, graffiti and taxi fare evasion.
  • ChildID – FREE: provides information to police in an attempt to locate their children if they go missing.

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