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Baby Banz Earmuffs not only look great but will also protect your child’s ears from potentially harmful noise. Earmuffs are designed to protect your kids from NIHL (Noise induced hearing loss).

Earmuffs are perfect for taking to your favourite outings like:
• Sporting Events
• Drag Races
• Concerts
• Car Racing
• Air Shows

Earmuffs are also great at home for loud activities like:
• Lawn Mowing
• Vacuuming
• Drilling
• Farming
• Mum & Dad’s Karaoke!!



Some of the great features of the Ear Muffs –

Made from  N/A
Available Colours Pink
Dimensions N/A
Age suitability 6+ months

Earmuffs can be worn by children of all ages. However, we recommend that they are not used for children less than 6 months old. This is due to the fact that newborns heads are quite soft and the Earmuffs are a reasonably tight fit. PLEASE NOTE: This is a RECOMMENDATION only. We have had customers use our Earmuffs on children less than 6 months with no problems whatsoever. Should you find the ear muffs to be a bit too tight, they can be stretched slightly. Simply place two chairs back to back, and stretch the ear muffs over the two chairs. After leaving the ear muffs for a while, they will have stretched by a small amount, making them a bit less tight when worn

Extra Features
  • Weight – 190 grams
  • Easy to carry
  • Soft cushion cups will ensure that your child will be comfortable whilst wearing the Earmuffs
  • Mean Attenuation @500 Hz – 25.7dB
  • Mean Attenuation @1000 Hz – 35.2dB
  • Dimensions Folded – H10cm W12cm
  • Dimensions Opened – H17cm W13cm
Assembly required No

Outdoor Fun Features

Ear Muffs are great for outdoor concerts / events, car races, air shows, farming and fireworks. They are also ideal for blocking noise caused by large crowds, airports, sporting events, garden and household tools, or any other troublesome noise.

Sensory Processing

Parents with kids that have Autism Spectrum Disorder and Sensory Processing Disorders have found kids ear muffs to be an invaluable tool in minimising stress and discomfort in their kids. For this purpose kids ear muffs can be used in the class room, noisy shopping centers, and wherever excess or sudden noise may cause distress.

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