This cool bandana will keep your little ones protected poolside and at play.

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Some of the great features of the Bandana –

Made from 100% cotton
Available Colours Pink Floral
Dimensions  N/A
Age suitability 3+ years
Extra Features
  • One size – fits head circumference up to 48cm
  • Elasticated inner strap keeps it in place
  • Soft towel-like inner lining across forehead
  • Made in India
Assembly required No

 Outdoor Fun Features

Apart from the obvious of wearing a bandana on your head for sun protection, here are some great tips for the use of a bandana:

  1. Signal – a bright colored bandana can be hung up as a flag over a campsite that might be lost in tight brush or tall grasses, or swing it around on a stick as a signal flag.
  2. Bag – tie opposing corners together to make a bag to carry all sorts of loose items.
  3. Tourniquet – for snake bites or blood loss when out bushwalking
  4. Cordage – tear off strips or use the whole bandana twisted into a cord.
  5. Breathing Mask – tie it around your face like a bandit for a sand storm or as a pollen protector. Wet the bandana to help a little more as a smoke filter, if you get caught in a fire.
  6. Sun Protection – tie it on your head like a skull cap and leave some cloth hanging down the back of your neck.
  7. Cold Compress – from a fever to a sprain, to a venomous bite, wet the cloth down or fold it up with snow or ice inside for a cold compress.
  8. Washcloth or Towel – wash with it or dry with it; or have two bandanas and you can enjoy both options.
  9. Kitchen Helper – whether you need a pot mitt to get your kettle off the fire, or a dish rag to clean up after the meal, the bandana has you covered.
  10. Sling – Just a few weeks or months of practice at slinging rocks, and you’ll be hitting the side of a barn (or better).
  11. Water Filter – just a pre-filter really, but it will improve the clarity of the water, and it can protect your precious water filter from premature clogging.
  12. Snot Rag – when disposable tissues aren’t an option, there’s your bandana ready for action.
  13. Bandage – if your bandana is still new and clean, it will suffice to cover any wounds
  14. Warmth – tie it around your neck for a gaiter, tie it around your ears for muffs, tie it around your face to stave off frostbite.
  15. Hat – several ways to tie it for a serviceable head covering. Anyone with long hair can use it as a headband.
  16. Mark a Trail – whole or in pieces, mark your trail and then collect the pieces before you bug out of there.
  17. Napkin – wipe up your messy face or hands after your outdoor picnic
  18. Eye Patch – whether you have an eye injury, or you’re playing pirates with the kids.
  19. Fire – if the bandana is cotton, you can soak it in oil for a torch, or use it dry as back-up tinder for emergency fire starting.
  20. Toilet Paper – this could be your final use of the bandana – if the leaves of nature aren’t your #1 preference

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