Roar Box Set


Flatout Frankie are flat packed cardboard toys designed to inspire creative and active play. The Little Roar Box Set head takes the broom out of the home and into a fantastical new world.
Unlike other signature Flatout Frankie toys, the box set pieces are white and free of graphics. Perfect for a crowd, little party people can let their imaginations run wild!

Ride through the swamps with the dinosaurs. They also look super cool decorated and wall mounted.

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Some of the great features of the Roar Box Set –

Made from 100% recyclable cardboard
Made New Zealand
Packaging Contains a set of six pieces flat packed ready for construction
Age suitability 12+ months
Assembly Yes

Outdoor Fun Features

Dramatic play is an extremely valuable part of the daily curriculum, it allows for relief from emotional tension, allows children to feel powerful, and sorts out fantasy from reality.

Outdoor Development Skills Gained

  • Social – dramatic play encourages children to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. Such role-playing helps them to improve their ability to do this in real life. They learn important social skills, such as empathy.
  • Language – dramatic play encourages expressive language. Children are motivated to convey their wishes to others and speak from the perspective of their pretend roles. In fact, it is often through dramatic play that shy or withdrawn children first begin to express themselves through language.

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